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“Goals Goals Goals”

Hopefully you sang that in your best Destiny Child’s voice but yes my loves today we are discussing getting our life TAH GETHA! (Me mostly) but feel free to hop on these Fall Goals! Lately I have been feeling uncomfortable and antsy! Uncomfortable with where I am but antsy to do something about it! Antsy … Continue Reading

Insecure Review/ “Friends Who F&*%”

Insecure Episode 5 “Hella Shook”       Issa So The Episode pretty much continues with Issa and her “Hoe Phase” Idk about anyone else But I’m personally over “Hoe Issa” …. Its like awkward hoeness, the hoe who aint really hoe. Anyways Issa and Daniel  rekindle their relationship (last episode) now entered into a fuckuation. … Continue Reading

Insecure Season 2 Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Issa & Molly So it seems Issa is picking up her face after hearing Lawrence was moving on with teller bae and is currently on to a man with weird fingers. (Dont worry Issa I understand the difficulties of trying to be a hoe!) The two are kissing on his couch and Issa cant stop … Continue Reading

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Black Girl Magic

I had to pause with my usual content to bring you…. “Intelexual Media seeks to provide accurate and illuminating information in a down to earth way” Baby Ive learned more from Ms. Lexual on TWITTER than I EVER Learned in school (You know because they dont teach it!) The way she give you the information … Continue Reading

The "New Women"

So here they are FUCKBOYS the NEW WOMEN… You created her, You should be proud! Remember when that beautiful woman walked into your life? Granted you didn’t have Much to offer her but because she was a beautiful WOMAN it didn’t matter. What matter to her was, at the time, you made her smile you made … Continue Reading

"It's Not Me it's YOU…"

Sooooo you meet a person. You hit it off QUICK; everything goes fast! The attraction is there and it seems to be working out. THEN BOOM! The thrill is gone 😩 Now what?!? That’s the question huh?! Well yes this is what I’m asking you… How do you tell the person “Hey, You’re kinda boring … Continue Reading