Random (Throwback Poetry)

Crazy this Poem is speaking to me today 6 years later …… RANDOM February 2, 2011 ·  how do you be everything to everyone at every time almost everyday no way to please the world yet you try your hardest and end with a frown how do you be a sister to her a lover to … Continue Reading


 November 29. 2006 Slide your hands down my thighs End at my spot The slow grind of your fingers remind me of a feeling a feeling of true ectasy and relief Nothing else matters now Everything dissapears as your lips touches mine  We become one If just for tonight your mine and I’ll take advantage … Continue Reading

Mirror Mirror {Ex Series OF Poetry}

Mirror Mirror August 16, 2009 at 10:55am   Mirror Mirror Oh So Far Who’s This Girl Up On This Wall Why Does Tears Fall Down Her Cheek Damn This Girl Looks Just Like Me! But Shes Not That Cant Be True She’s Not The Girl That I Once Knew Eyes Are Empty Lost And Cold … Continue Reading

Ex Series Of Poetry: ·•Sweet ♥ Love•· (Troy)

Continuing On the Throwback Poetry Train…. This one is Troy…. ·•Sweet ♥ Love•· Never Have I Ever Had Love Like This! The Feeling Of Sweet Xtasy and Pure Energy! Something Which Can Be Called A Beautiful Disaster Brings So Much Joy To My Heart And Soul! My Eyes Light Up When I Hear Your Name And My … Continue Reading

The Art Of Loneliness (Ex Series Of Poetry)

So I went back to reading some of my old Poems and MAN they were Intense Think im going to start posting them here; most of them are about my exes i might categorize them with their names lmaooo   ANYWHO…… Heres “Mike” The Art Of Loneliness I Feel His Warm Touch Surrounding Me As … Continue Reading

Unravel My Mind With You……

Sometimes I can feel you when your gone The touches on my body still resonate like a song I wanna know when you look at me do the voice of an angel start to sing?! Do you hear it too?! Cause I do   Too Long I been dating I’ve been waiting I’ve been waiting … Continue Reading

Do you think of me Like I think of you?!

Sometimes I want to talk to you so you know what you did to me I want to tell you all the things you made me feel I want you to FEEL how I FELT  when you decided to take my innocence from me Sometimes I wonder if it was just a dream Its like … Continue Reading


I’m Petrified of YOU…. I’m petrified of what you do to me I’m petrified of how i feel when I’m with you and your with me Yes Yes I’m scared I’m scared these kisses will sink into my soul and cause a glow a glow so deep inside it makes me feel alive and inspire … Continue Reading

Curse of The Lonely Night

  She Woke Up in a Panic and hot sweat. Rolling over and looking at the time it was approximately 8:30 pm “Seriously?! that’s it?!”  She thought a Nap would cure the hole that was missing. After profuse times she was accompany by a male counterpart, for the first time in a long time, she was … Continue Reading

Its Only You…..

Promised myself not to like you But who listens to me anyways Said I wasn’t gonna Like You So Why do I blush when I see your face Visions getting clearer Got Me wantin’ you nearer Got me thinking of you thinking of me driving me crazy BUT I told me keep them guards up … Continue Reading