Random (Throwback Poetry)

Crazy this Poem is speaking to me today 6 years later …… RANDOM February 2, 2011 ·  how do you be everything to everyone at every time almost everyday no way to please the world yet you try your hardest and end with a frown how do you be a sister to her a lover to … Continue Reading

3 Men You Should Probably Avoid

    Yet another week is upon us and you choose to be here with me, THANK YOU AND WELCOME. Now lets get to it! So this weekend i had the pleasure of spending it with some male friends who happen to read my blog (shout out to my male readers!) Of course their favorite … Continue Reading

“Girlfriend Confidential” Chapter 4 #FlashFriday”

Chapter 4 “New Job Who Dis…”   The Birds were chirping, the sun was bright the sky was clear. It was a Brand new day and after that eventful weekend, Mya was TOO excited for Monday morning. She hopped out of her queen size bed while Chris was still in a coma after the hurting … Continue Reading

Girlfriend Confidential Chapter 3 #FlashFriday

Chapter 3 “Love…Money…PARTY”     Audio was PACKED! Marijuana smoke was at abundance throughout the backstage area as Kyrie sat preparing for her set. “First of all Kyrie What the hell do you have on?!” Kimber advised staring at her friend’s long tribal dress that pretty much engulfed her small frame. Her long hair was … Continue Reading

“Shes Gotta Have It” & the 3 types of men you need on your bench

  Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day( I know I did I’M STUFFED) Definitely gained some POUNDS and planning on cycling these bad boys off in the coming of weeks (Lettuce pray) But while I was stuffing my face during my break, I indulged in some Netflix In Chill where I found the remake of … Continue Reading

Halloween and Spiritual Growth!!!

Its Finally here HALLOWEEENN!!! And for most people Halloween is a time to dress up, collect candy and have fun, while others see it as a Gateway to evil Well Im here to find some growing pains in the midst of all the Halloween Slander, or All Hallows day or  Dia de los Muertos (Day … Continue Reading


“I wanna make sure I take my time with you….. You’re special Casey…” Soothing sounds of Sade filled the room while a sweet aroma pleasantly tickled my nose. I was frozen. He walked over to me looking absolutely delectable that I started to feel my mouth watering. Throwing me a slick smile other parts of … Continue Reading

Ex Series Of Poetry: ·•Sweet ♥ Love•· (Troy)

Continuing On the Throwback Poetry Train…. This one is Troy…. ·•Sweet ♥ Love•· Never Have I Ever Had Love Like This! The Feeling Of Sweet Xtasy and Pure Energy! Something Which Can Be Called A Beautiful Disaster Brings So Much Joy To My Heart And Soul! My Eyes Light Up When I Hear Your Name And My … Continue Reading

The Art Of Loneliness (Ex Series Of Poetry)

So I went back to reading some of my old Poems and MAN they were Intense Think im going to start posting them here; most of them are about my exes i might categorize them with their names lmaooo   ANYWHO…… Heres “Mike” The Art Of Loneliness I Feel His Warm Touch Surrounding Me As … Continue Reading

Moment of Clarity…

9:54am I feel like Old Kory today Shitty Kory Kory who allows people to take her energy and her power for their gain I dont even know how i got here 2016 I learned about the power of thinking and i dove into it! Since I have been able to control the way i think … Continue Reading