“Girlfriend Confidential” Chapter 4 #FlashFriday”

Chapter 4 “New Job Who Dis…”   The Birds were chirping, the sun was bright the sky was clear. It was a Brand new day and after that eventful weekend, Mya was TOO excited for Monday morning. She hopped out of her queen size bed while Chris was still in a coma after the hurting … Continue Reading

Girlfriend Confidential Chapter 3 #FlashFriday

Chapter 3 “Love…Money…PARTY”     Audio was PACKED! Marijuana smoke was at abundance throughout the backstage area as Kyrie sat preparing for her set. “First of all Kyrie What the hell do you have on?!” Kimber advised staring at her friend’s long tribal dress that pretty much engulfed her small frame. Her long hair was … Continue Reading


“I wanna make sure I take my time with you….. You’re special Casey…” Soothing sounds of Sade filled the room while a sweet aroma pleasantly tickled my nose. I was frozen. He walked over to me looking absolutely delectable that I started to feel my mouth watering. Throwing me a slick smile other parts of … Continue Reading

Girlfriend Confidential Chapter 2 #FLASHFICTIONFRIDAY

CHAPTER 2 “So I let her lick the Rapper….”     An All Black Mercedes coupe pulled up in front of a long legged light skin beauty tapping her feet while adjusting her pencil skirt which hugged every firm curve on her body. It was another day another time CJ was late picking Mya up … Continue Reading

“Girlfriend Confidential” Chapter 1 #FLASHFRIDAY

Chapter 1 “Those who can’t…. get High….”     “…..I don’t know whats going on, or about this feelin, you got me feelin, Cuz every time I try to leave I’m right back again, yea, And I aint goin no where, you got me walkin on the ceiling….” The tunes blared through a small pink … Continue Reading