November 29. 2006 Slide your hands down my thighs End at my spot The slow grind of your fingers remind me of a feeling a feeling of true ectasy and relief Nothing else matters now Everything dissapears as your lips touches mine  We become one If just for tonight your mine and I’ll take advantage … Continue Reading

“Shes Gotta Have It” & the 3 types of men you need on your bench

  Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day( I know I did I’M STUFFED) Definitely gained some POUNDS and planning on cycling these bad boys off in the coming of weeks (Lettuce pray) But while I was stuffing my face during my break, I indulged in some Netflix In Chill where I found the remake of … Continue Reading

Whats Wrong With Being a HO??!?!?

Ah I see I got your Attention Now that you are here get comfortable Lets talk….. Before I really dive on into my real point lets go ahead and define the word HO according to Google.   HO: noun informal noun: ho; plural noun: hoes; plural noun: hos; noun: hoe a prostitute. offensive a woman. Now that we got that … Continue Reading

Moment of Clarity…

9:54am I feel like Old Kory today Shitty Kory Kory who allows people to take her energy and her power for their gain I dont even know how i got here 2016 I learned about the power of thinking and i dove into it! Since I have been able to control the way i think … Continue Reading

Words from A Fein…

it begins we been talking about the time when we both would arise and its here. So we stare into the moment as the vibes flow inside its intense. But you no longer can wait to step up to the plate take control. throwing me across the bed as i stare into ur face im … Continue Reading


I planned all day for this. I planned the conversation we were going to have, how i was going to look, how everything would flow. I planned every detail in my head. See I live in my head, I overthink everything although it gives me anxiety, it seems to always prepare me for whatever might … Continue Reading


Tried to call your phone Remembered you dont live there anymore memories tried to wipe you awaaay from my mind but i can still feel you…. I can still Looked at myself Myself in the mirror I cant see me but ur reflections much clearer Why cant you get out my minndddd its driving me … Continue Reading

Pain & Pleasure

It starts off soft slow to touch  Easy, Ease Never Enough Throbbing she is , calling out to you Hear Her Here’s her Presented her to you… Slow ecstasy boiling to intense pleasure slowly grinding into inducing pain  But I digress She wants the pain to mask the the pleasure Am I wrong for that? … Continue Reading

"When I Grow Up…"

How many time have you  been asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?!” If you are anything like me, your reply was probably this…. I remember when i was younger I just KNEW i was going to be a singer/songwriter/actress like that was the GOAL! I was actually pretty close, until … Continue Reading

Mrs. Me Too

“I know, I know, yeap yeah, you too / Okay we get it, yeap yeah you too / I know, I know, yeap yeah, you too / Okay, everybody meet Mr. Me Too”  -“Mr. Me Too” Clipse Ft Pharrell Have you ever had someone who always try to do what you do or try to … Continue Reading