Chapter 3




Audio was PACKED! Marijuana smoke was at abundance throughout the backstage area as Kyrie sat preparing for her set.

“First of all Kyrie What the hell do you have on?!” Kimber advised staring at her friend’s long tribal dress that pretty much engulfed her small frame. Her long hair was flat ironed bone straight and her glasses were huge and round.

“Excuse me Miss Kimber but my outfit is a reflection of my inner spirit.” Unbothered by Kimber’s questions, Kyrie continued her assault on her blunt while zoning to her music. “I’m deep Bitch…”

“Bout as deep as a puddle” Kimber mumbled while walking back into the group of people.  Kyrie, still not losing focus took a deep breath before peaking out at the audience. “whoa its kind of pack in here tonight’ Her nerves were starting to get the best of her as she searched the nameless faces throughout the crowd.

‘Where is he?!’ she thought examining for any signs of her brown skin Adonis. ‘He said he will be here KC Calm down!’ while giving herself a pep talk her eyes met with a familiar face.

“MYA!!!!!!!” She screamed from backstage. Mya looked around to respond to her name, and immediately glowed.


“KYRIE!!!!” Mya ran thru the crowd of people backstage and embraced her friend in the biggest hug!

“Check you out!!!!! You Look AMAZING!!” Kyrie did a quick spin for her bestie while her hand was being held up in the air.

“Thanks Sis! I knew you would get it!” One more hug before Kyrie face suddenly turned pale “OMG HE ACTUALLY COME!” Taking her focus off of Mya’s beat face and onto Derek’s gorgroues smile gleaming from the audience made her stomach knot up. “Mya why am I so nervous Its Just Derek!”

The two ladies sat on the couch as Kyrie laid her head on Mya shoulders. Her stomach was filled with butterflies her hands were shaking She never had a problem performing for an audience; she had no idea why Derek being around changed anything.

“I have NO Idea but FUCK DEREK! This is about YOU! And YOU Got this!” Encouraging her friend was always easy. Mya believed in Kyrie and actually enjoyed her music. She Of course knew the back story of Derek and was not a fan! After the build up from her friend Kyrie watched as Mya exited backstage in prep for her show.  Standing behind the curtain Kyrie stood gracefully as she slowly inhaled and exhaled the aura was right and THIS was KC’s night!


“…..And Now coming to the Stage KC SUNSHINE!!!!!” The announcer screamed as the crowd gave off a warm welcome to the 5’5 beauty. Walking on the stage and looking around KC saw everyone she loved, and everyone who loved her and her music. It was the most exonerating feeling ever, her nerves were now GONE Kyrie Caldwell was gone and KC was here to slay. The music begins to play; without skipping a beat KC moved fluently towards the microphone standing center stage waiting for her embrace. She smiled at her adoring fans and closed her eyes letting the lyric soar from her soul into the crowd. It was going amazing, Kyrie could feel everyone sending her good vibes no vision needed! she sang her heart out; voice sounding smooth and beautiful. In the audience you could see Mya, Gabby and Kimber singing along with their friend. Of course they knew all the words and truly adored watching their sister rock out in her zone.


KC finally reopened her eyes finishing the first song and immediately she was welcomed by the masses. “Wow thank you guys so much, now this song goes out to a special someone. He makes me feel this way and I just want him to know … I love him… forever and always….”  As the crowd oohh and aww Kyrie searched the admiring faces for her favorite one! Derek was going to finally hear this beautiful love song she wrote just for him!

“….this is my first time performing this so please guys bear with me!”  KC smiled than continue her frantic search for her inspiration; there he was….. Derek Looked up at Kyrie and gave her the perfect smile that made the music start in her head and throughout the small venue.   She began to sing the words directly towards her lover making their gaze grow strong and intense, but suddenly it was interrupted. Continuing to croon out the specialty tune, Kyrie watched as this high yellow big booty, long hair Jezebel walked up to Derek whispering in his ear. Still singing, Kyrie watched Derek go from being the only one in the building, to GONE.

HE WAS GONE!  Ms High Yellow had Derek hand on lock as they both pushed through the crowd towards the exit. A slow tear dropped from Kyrie’s eyes as she continued to perform like the professional she was, but inside, inside she was dying. Mya was located near the incident and watched it all go down.

“Shocking NO ONE Derek is about to go be a hoe!” She angrily stated to Kimber and Gabby who also shook their head at what was happening. They all knew what was going down; Anytime Tameka was in the building somebody was getting a taste of her well publicized backside.

“Oh God KC saw it!!” Gabby pointed out as they looked at their friend glow suddenly disappear. The music was playing the song was the same the feeling was different. Kyrie went from happy sunshine to raspy and soulful. Her voice started cracking more severe and heartbreaking they noticed the tear fall from her eye as she closed them holding the mic for dear life. “DAMN she sounds so good though!”

KC held her last note as if it was the last note she would ever sing while slowly placing her glasses back on, dropped the mic and walked off the stage, tears now fully streaming down her face. People went wild for her! They loved every moment of her last performance not knowing what actually brought on the emotional show.  The other girls knew and ran backstage to assist their friend, they knew she was broken. That’s what Derek does to her all the time! It was a cycle they were all tired of but who would actually say this right now?!

“HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO ME?!?!?!” Was all Kyrie managed to say as she cried her eyes out  her girls surrounding her with hugs and love.


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