November 29. 2006

Slide your hands down my thighs
End at my spot
The slow grind of your fingers remind me of a feeling
a feeling of true ectasy and relief
Nothing else matters now
Everything dissapears as your lips touches mine 
We become one
If just for tonight your mine and I’ll take advantage
take advantage of your Touch your Kiss and Your barotone moan
Watch me as I continue to pursue your body
Watching the expressions you make
makes me want to go faster…slower…Turning on your whole body
Now enter me and let us embrace into each
Bang on my walls asking to come in
Flip me anyway you want
Front, Back, Side, Side
Its Yours
Speed up your pace
While my toes curl
Watch me
Watch my body twist and turn
Feel my breath as it hits your neck
Go faster…Faster…FASTER….

Bursting into pleasure and pain as you lay on me
Out of breath and satisfied
Let me be your satisfyer….

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