Quick Makeup Look : Products Edition

Hey My loves!!!! I was looking hellah “SNACKY” today so I wanted to share how YOU TOO can look like an Edible and its quick and easy. One Day Im going to do a Full Video But for Now Here are the Products used! 🙂 FACE  As I always say Make sure you start your … Continue Reading

Moment of Clarity…

9:54am I feel like Old Kory today Shitty Kory Kory who allows people to take her energy and her power for their gain I dont even know how i got here 2016 I learned about the power of thinking and i dove into it! Since I have been able to control the way i think … Continue Reading

Girlfriend Confidential Chapter 2 #FLASHFICTIONFRIDAY

CHAPTER 2 “So I let her lick the Rapper….”     An All Black Mercedes coupe pulled up in front of a long legged light skin beauty tapping her feet while adjusting her pencil skirt which hugged every firm curve on her body. It was another day another time CJ was late picking Mya up … Continue Reading

Tales From a Freelancer #IssaRant

It was a dark rainy morning. She pulled up to her office ready to work on invoices AND ghostwrite for her client when suddenly she heard a HUGE CRASH which directed her attention to the kitchen. “Somebody here?!”  She said meekly The office is usually empty during this time so the noise was different as … Continue Reading

Unravel My Mind With You……

Sometimes I can feel you when your gone The touches on my body still resonate like a song I wanna know when you look at me do the voice of an angel start to sing?! Do you hear it too?! Cause I do   Too Long I been dating I’ve been waiting I’ve been waiting … Continue Reading

“Girlfriend Confidential” Chapter 1 #FLASHFRIDAY

Chapter 1 “Those who can’t…. get High….”     “…..I don’t know whats going on, or about this feelin, you got me feelin, Cuz every time I try to leave I’m right back again, yea, And I aint goin no where, you got me walkin on the ceiling….” The tunes blared through a small pink … Continue Reading

H.I.M Chapter 2

So What Would You Do If you were me…..   Girl Talk ” Casey….CASEY!” Shaking off my daze i look up from my plate of half eaten food back to reality of me having a late lunch with two of the closet people i know. Maya and Sean have been having a full on conversation … Continue Reading

Story Section

So I have been writing a lot of short stories lately but i wanna share them So I introduce my STORY section Ill be posting like chapters of my writing here there, since that was really the main focus at First KK… I’m gonna go back to my roots here. I started to get way … Continue Reading

New Job Who Dis!

    Hey My loves!!! I just wanted to update you all on my new adventure in the world of freelance writing! I will be splitting my time between here And another site because I am now a Fashion Contributor for Celebsgo.com  *Pause for applause*  WOW  I’m so proud of myself I said at the … Continue Reading

#BlackExcellence : David Marcus & “Walk In My Shoes”

        First, THANK YOU for entertaining my little blog site we appreciate the love, so let’s get straight into the Movie! Kisses Kloset: What sort of research did you do to write this movie It seems to be  a good look at women and men different perspective on love, so how did we get here? … Continue Reading